Promote your Business with Film

The filming of your business journey is a fantastic way of documenting and promoting you and your business.

People have become a lot more conscious about their buying decisions and they want to know who is behind the brand and product. They want to know the story of the businesses and the people they are dealing with.

Through our medium of video, we are able to project your brand and personality out to the world and into your potential clients living rooms and offices like never before.

Kiwi Burd Journeys bring our award-winning filmmakers right to you. They will document your unique journey. They will film you as you go about your normal business activities, capturing the authentic experience that your business offers.

We will film you for up to 2 days per month. You will receive minimum 4 x 10min professionally edited and produced videos per month. You can use these as you wish – Social Media Platform, Web series, Company Website, Marketing Campaigns, and Video Blog.


Vila Valentin Luxury Retreat
Making a shoe with Minnie Cooper
 Tony Quirk Builders