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THE PINKIES ARE BACK is Kiwi Burd Film’s latest theatrical release. It is a gritty, heart-warming, inspirational comedy that in March 2021 was released in more than 60 cinemas throughout New Zealand.

THE PINKIES ARE BACK is an inspirational and heart-warming feature film, following a group of extraordinary women on their journey to rebuild a dragon boating team despite some having never held a paddle before. The women are united by previously beating breast cancer, and together strengthened in their attempt to win gold at the Auckland regionals. The bond, love and laughs between these charismatic larger-than-life women will be a must see on cinema screens.


Professionally Made Productions to Broadcast Standard

Taranaki born and bred Lisa Burd is an independent,  award-winning documentary filmmaker.

Known today for her insightful and sensitive approach to dealing with diverse subjects, Lisa’s casting, directing and interview style draws out ‘the gold’ from the people in front of the camera. Whether she’s filming on a high pressure, adrenalin-charged set or observing a quiet moment of reflection at a hospital bedside, Lisa’s approach inspires people to share truly compelling personal and professional stories.

“I’m so passionate about the work I do in observational documentaries and TV reality factual shows and am constantly inspired by the people I’m so lucky to work with, from the cast to the crews I put together” says Lisa.

“Empathy and respect are key factors on my set and I feel this always comes through on film. It’s a mindset that really helps the team and I work with ease and proficiency with a wide range of equipment, across a colourful range of situations. This is especially valuable in really high-pressure situations that we sometimes wind up in!”

Lisa’s talent, experience and resulting work operates under the Kiwi Burd brand, and offers short to feature length films as well as casting, field producing, directing and shooting.