Award-winning Documentary Filmmaker and Storyteller: Lisa Burd

Lisa loves stories. Life stories, trip stories, event stories – she’s got a keen interest in others and enjoys telling their stories. This curiosity has led to her spending the last 20 years working in film production and creating award-winning documentaries.

Her intuitive (and not intrusive!) interviewing style elicits insights and observations that even surprise the interviewee sometimes. The sensitivity she brings to a project creates a space where the authentic story can shine through. She has talked with people at the end of their lives, she has followed people pushing their physical limits, she has documented businesses growing and evolving – regardless of the subject she can find the truth and rawness behind it. Lisa is a creative, lateral thinker with a proven ability to establish a rapport with all types of people and to engage, motivate and manage the various stakeholders in a production, often to challenging deadlines.

Lisa’s experience covers a wide range of styles from emergency medical series Life Flight, to telling the stories of four first-time mothers from pre-birth to the first year of their baby’s life. Her most recent film, The Pinkies are back is her most successful film yet, as at March 2021, showing in 60 cinemas nationwide.

Previous to that, she made edgy documentary, Let’s Talk About Sex featuring Auckland Housewife celeb, Julia Sloane.

However, Lisa had already won the Best Emerging Filmmaker award for her documentary Monterey in 2016. She was nominated for the same award for her documentary Changing Gear not long before that.

She has also filmed racing events such as Ironman New Zealand. Lisa was involved in casting the NZ teams for the Channel 7 Australian Production of ‘The Amazing Race’ Australia/NZ and more recently was involved with casting and field producing The Real Housewives of Auckland. So, she knows her way around plenty of different settings!

Kiwi Burd Films

Kiwi Burd Films is a collective that springs together for a project and disperses again when it’s done. The driver behind it is Lisa, knowing exactly the skill set she needs for each project so she can bring together the right mix of people. If your project is bigger than a one-person crew, rest assured Lisa will assemble the perfect balance of skills, sensitivity and fun!  Her ability to grasp the nuances of production responsibilities from casting through to field director/camera responsibilities gives her a unique perspective.

From personal journeys and events, to reality TV experiences or giving you the crew necessary to help you create a show you’ve been dreaming of for some time.

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Our focus is to help you tell your stories as authentically as possible. We will dig deep to document your growth, follow your sporting challenge, commemorate a loved one or document a pregnancy through to birth.

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THE PINKIES ARE BACK, in cinemas now!

THE PINKIES ARE BACK is Kiwi Burd Film’s latest theatrical release. It is a gritty, heart-warming, inspirational comedy that from March 10, 2021, was released in more than 60 cinemas throughout New Zealand.

THE PINKIES ARE BACK is an inspirational and heart-warming feature film, following a group of extraordinary women on their journey to rebuild a dragon boating team despite some having never held a paddle before. The women are united by previously beating breast cancer, and together strengthened in their attempt to win gold at the Auckland regionals. The bond, love and laughs between these charismatic larger-than-life women will be a must see on cinema screens.

Our Work

Monterey: Award winning feature documentary shot over three years, about the tensions of running local cafe in Grey Lynn.

Best Emerging Filmmaker Award, DocEdge 2016. Directed by Lisa Burd

Cross Country Southern Tier Bike Tour: Lisa documented these women’s personal journeys on this epic trip across the Southern USA.

Megan Wilson's StoryWe are extremely excited to share this beautiful collaboration and experience with all of you. 2 weeks ago myself Tori Whayman- Jenna Bellve- Burd- All came together to form the "Glamour Squad" as Megan called us.We filmed this with the hope of capturing how special this day was.We thouroughly enjoyed the whole experience and would love to continue to recreate a similar journey for more beautiful people.Feel free to contact any of us if you have any enquiries

Posted by Henna Wish on Thursday, April 6, 2017



If you have an idea for a series, we can help you create it! Our crew can bring your dramas or docos to life by giving you a crew to put your ideas into action for a web series, a TV pilot or simply your personal journey.


Directed & Produced by Lisa Burd

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We can also take you out of your own life with a reality TV experience, complete with crew, a premise and all the drama that comes with it. If you are hoping to get into reality TV, we can coach you to build footage for your show reel, and you will be included in our casting database.

Louise Wallace – Queenstown
Louise Wallace – Grey Lynn

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Louise Wallace at WOMAD: We follow Louise Wallace as she goes to WOMAD 2017

From personal journeys to helping grow your ideas, businesses or skills we can be there to tell your story.

See some of Lisa’s work and media coverage:

Other Work


Changing Gear 2005